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  • Just a note to say...Thanks!

    Just received feedback from the editors after sending my first 4.0 project for a supplemental CD to a text to be published this Spring. They were impressed and the quote was..."For me, the CD did exactly what I had hoped. It brings the materials to life and makes them seem so much more realistic..."

    Nice. Of course, all of this was possible only with the great new version of AMS. And I want to thank all the guys at IndigoRose for developing and producing such a great product.

    I also never thought of embedding a browser and linking html powerpoint slides, pdfs, docs, and urls in a project before this version. Customizing the interface to match the overall look made for a slick project. And don't forget the mpeg1 video clips that worked like a dream.

    Thanks for letting me take credit based on your work.

    "It's a wonderful world." Louis Satchmo Armstrong

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    Re: Just a note to say...Thanks!


    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: Just a note to say...Thanks!

      Well, that's another reason for me to chugg a beer!!


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        Re: Just a note to say...Thanks!


        Thanks for sharing your success story with everyone. It's exciting to hear what people have accomplished with AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0.