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Bad date for application from APMS 4 trial

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  • Bad date for application from APMS 4 trial

    I have downloaded APMS 4 trial version yesterday, use it for a lot of hours, build 2 applications (from wizard and templates ice_blue) which work well. My computer OS is XP Pro.
    Try a new one at about 11 PM, starting from a blank page which do the same but importing the ice_blue..png files.
    The first build and run works well but after some correction the new autorun.exe which is created doesn't work because the date of the last modification is set at 09/09/02 instead of 19/9/02.
    In fact, instead of 30 days of trial and 3 days of validity for application, I had 10 hours of functionnality.

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    Re: Bad date for application from APMS 4 trial

    That is strange... I've never heard of that happening before. Are you sure your system's date is correct? Did you run the runtime on a different system? Was it's date correct? Is the design environment timing our on you as well, or just the runtimes created with it?


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      Re: Bad date for application from APMS 4 trial

      I have done other tries. They work correctly. perhaps I have done some mistake
      But !!!
      All the build files *.exe have the 09/09/02 date.
      I think that the problem is that the date synthax is different between
      french and english systems
      In french case the true date (in XP explorer) to day is 19/09/02
      instead in your case : 09/19/02.
      It seems that the program gives the number of month instead of day one.
      I will have the answer to morrow with french date 20/09/02