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Dummy who changes his login pass and forgets it --------------->

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  • Dummy who changes his login pass and forgets it --------------->

    Question 1: I was looking at the %LANIP%, is there any way to incorporate a "updatelabel" function so the IP would be in real time rather than polled the one time on click?

    Question 2: Why won't the "copy files" work with windows locked<inuse> files such as advapi32.dll for instance? AMS must be trying to access the file rather than just copying it? I had to use a copy.bat to get around this issue, or am I missing something? I was using the copy function to copy existing files out of the windows dir. rather from the %srcdir%\ maybe you cant do this...

    Question 3: Is there any suggestions for locking out parts of the Browse portion of the cd, Some code is attached to the button being used from the menu<*.reg, arguments,etc> rather than having dummies browse into the cd and click a bunch of stuff and install half a program, or etc, Maybe a compressed file(passworded) which would extract into a temp dir when needed? something along the lines of what IBM does to their cab files on the restore CD...

    Note 1: I was not intending to write a novel here

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    Re: Dummy who changes his login pass and forgets it ---------------&gt;

    1. If you don't need the menu to be interactive, you could just do a while loop with "application - sleep" for pauses. If you want the menu to be interactive, then you could play an mp3 and use the "On Progress" event (since that's triggered once per second when an MP3 is playing).

    2. no idea, but if a batch file works, sounds like a fine workaround. End the batch file with:


    ...if you want the DOS prompt to close automatically on 9x and NT machines.

    3. You could use a passworded zip file.

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