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Error // Help Please !

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  • Error // Help Please !

    My first........... Can someone offer a suggestion! Please.....

    Error Cannot open file C:\Programs\story.txt for reading

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    Re: Error // Help Please !

    Hi Ray


    Suggestion 1 : offer more info as to what 'bit' is producing the error
    Suggestion 2 : make sure the txt file exists in the path it's meant to reside
    = Derek
    ["All glory comes from daring to begin" - fortune cookie]


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      Re: Error // Help Please !

      1. I don't know what "Bit" it is.
      2. It is in the Autoplay\Program folder and loaded from there.
      3. I also tried loading the sample from the lesson disk and received the same error message ??

      The txt file is in the Autoplay\program folder.

      I get the error after it builds for burning to the CD.


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        Re: Error // Help Please !

        Sounds like it is trying to load the .txt file from


        Where it doesn't exist since you say you built and ran the program from the Autoplay folder.

        Since you built and ran the program on your C: Drive, C: = your %SrcDrv% (SrcDRV = Drive letter were the .exe is running from or Source Drive)

        Now if you burn the program and files to a CD and the CD has a folder called Programs and within that folder is the file story.txt is should work. since it will be looking for the file in that location relative to you CD drive.

        For example if your CD dirve is D:, D: would be your source Drive and it would look for the file at:


        hope this makes sense..