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WinXP not autoplaying

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  • WinXP not autoplaying

    I'm having a few problems, and I think they may be related...

    I using Windows XP here at work. I burned a CD using the built-in burning software (i didn't see any other software available on the computer); by dragging the files to burn to the empty D: drive window and then choosing 'burn files to disk'. The final CD is still modifiable by XP (I don't know much about burning in XP; does this mean that the CD will work in say an old Win98 box without a CD-R? -- In the past I always had to "finish" or "Close" the burn after i was done adding files for the final time, before it became a regular CD--but this one allows me to replace or add files to the CD still (but I can't modify or remove any files); and there is no such "finish" or "close" command to be found.

    The other part of this question, and may be related to the above one, is how do i get it to AutoRun? When I put in the CD it does nothing...I looked all over for autoplay options, but the only ones i could find were specific for media types (DVD, Audio, Photos), and there was no option to set the behavior for a data CD...

    Then the second part of the problem is that if I manually open the CD icon, it will then try to autoplay...but it DOESN'T work, it gives me an error:

    The autoplay file contains the text:
    OPEN=City Menu.exe

    Any idea how to get it to work? The .exe is called "City Menu.exe", and is correctally named on the CD...

    I will try this tonight at home on a few other PC's with other operating systems (and no CD-R drives), but for now I was wondering what the heck is wrong...I have to present this to some people tomorrow afternoon, and I want the dang thing to RUN!

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    Re: WinXP not autoplaying

    I suspect that it is the space in the filename is causing the problem. Go into the Project Settings screen to the Build tab. Change the Executable filename to "CityMenu.exe" (no quotes) and it will work.


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      Re: WinXP not autoplaying

      1. XP uses a version of Direct Cd from Roxio as it's method of burning.
      I would suggest a Full Application to do burning, like Roxio, Nero, etc.. Many others.

      2. I would rename the EXE to a 7.3 format, with no spaces. (example city.exe or citymen.exe). And adjust the autorun to the new name. In the screen shoot it appears that it was looking for city.exe NOT city menu.exe this many because of the space in the Name of the exe listed in the autorun.


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        Re: WinXP not autoplaying

        It's the Space in the file name... and also the standard burn process that comes with xp sucks!!! ditch it and get either Nero or Roxio Easy CD.. Had to disable that function on the workstations here... People were burning when they should've been working : ) like me trying to master this excellent program when i should be administrating : )


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          Re: WinXP not autoplaying

          Yep, you were all right, it was the space in the filename. I fixed it; and it works fine now. I tried it out on a 98 box, and it worked fine there too...

          Thanks for all your help!

          As for the burner in XP, is there a free alternative? If not, I'm stuck using what I got...


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            Re: WinXP not autoplaying

            Don't know of any freebies or shareware, I don't know how your pockets are,but Nero and Roxio are not that much, you can even get the trial versions to see if you like? You'll test them out and see you have to buy it..


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              Re: WinXP not autoplaying

              I second what Pagedown said, watch the ads, I use Roxio Easy CD and if you watch and wait, you can get it for under 30 bucks american.
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