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Web Browser object On Status Text Change/Get Property

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  • Web Browser object On Status Text Change/Get Property

    I have just started using AutoPlay Menu Studio 4.0. I have found answers to almost all of my questions and problems on the support forum. However, I haven't seen this problem addressed.

    I have a project using the web browser object. I have a GetProperty method to get the status text in the on status text change event of the web browser object. I place the results of this into a text box using the setproperty method.

    This runs fine on my development machine (win2kpro) and on my test machines, "clean" installs of win2kpro, winxphome, winxppro, winnt4.0sp6a. I don't have winme on anything.

    However, on win95, win95osr2, win98, and win98SE as soon as the mouse is moved over the web browser object, the application shuts down. Removing the Get Property action fixes the problem. Everything else (buttons, project initialize actoins, page initialize actions) works fine. I've tried on "clean" installs and on "windows updated" "clean" installs.

    I've changed the program to work around this problem, but wanted to report this as a bug if this isn't a known limitation.


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    Re: Web Browser object On Status Text Change/Get Property


    Thanks for the information this was a bug, this has been confirmed in version

    The bug has been fixed and will be solved in the next version of AutoPlay.

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