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  • Blank Background to Image

    I normally create my page by using Photoshop, of course set the width and height on a predefined measurements...Okay if i wanted to use an image to display like some of the templates AMS use, would i set my pic as a .bmp and strecth it over the page? Then i guess create a new photoshop file and layer it on top?? I want some variety now because my home/intro page is always the smooth one, then the pages after i'm just using a blank page that i color the page based on the project or home page scheme. Maybe the T Builder Corey built answers some of this?

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    Re: Blank Background to Image

    What you should do is to use the Page Properties screen (doble-click on the page's background) to set the background image. Then bring in your buttons, etc. as seperate Image objects that you can manipulate on top of the background.


    You can make you whole page in Photoshop wth all buttons, etc in place. But make 3 PS images; one for normal state, one for mouse over state and one for mouse down state. Then export each image as a BMP and then specify all three images on the Page Properties screen in the respecive fields. Now, you can just create Hotspot objects over top of the interactive elements. Hotspots will cause the image to switch out to the different "panes" under the hotspot area when the user does a mouse-over or whatever.

    Just some ideas. Of course, Corey is the resident expert on doing this kind of thing, so maybe he'll chime in here...


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      Re: Blank Background to Image


      Thanks, the second part sounds very interesting. I'll give it a spin on both actually. You know all this time i never knew the function of hotspot? I'm wondering what's the mass users here prefer to create their page designs? I like how some of the templates here will allow you to click and in the properties view the dimensions, then i re-create those numbers in photoshop. I wish i could get the dimensions of some of the borders and etc... Of you're 2 examples which choice satisfies your thirst? Thanks


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        Re: Blank Background to Image

        Pagedown, try the second method, it can't be beat.

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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          Re: Blank Background to Image

          I'll use that one as my tool. Thanks for the insight.