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Changing items on >1 pages

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  • Changing items on >1 pages

    I have 6 pages, all having the same contents. When, for instance, I want to move my logo on page 1, I have to do it manually on all the other 5 pages. I tried selecting all the pages in the pagetab window and then moving an object. Then still, the object is being moved only on one page.

    It would be nice to manipulate the same object on more than one page, moving, resizing or adjusting the properties.

    Is this possible?

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    Re: Changing items on >1 pages

    Ordinarily, no. The Pages are not linked in such a way to be able to do this. The only way this could work is if the subsequent pages are inheriting the 'background' from a Parent Page [ie: the front Page].
    = Derek
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      Re: Changing items on >1 pages


      What Derek mentioned works everytime. First create a page that has the background image and all other components you want on all your other pages. Then when you add a new page (e.g. page 2) and you're asked about the background image...instead of selecting bitmap image normal or whatever, select "inherit from parent page" then select the parent page you created earlier (you'll have to already have that created so you can select it from the drop-down list). Now your new page will have all the components from the parent page. Note: it can get pretty sloppy if have say a logo on a page already, then alter the background to pull its material from the parent page. When you do this, it doubles up. Hope this helps!