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Any 'Flash' Experts Out There ???

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  • Any 'Flash' Experts Out There ???

    Help !!!

    I'm trying to understand how 'Variables' work in 'Flash', but are having a few problems...

    What I would like is to create an SWF movie that simply has some text in it, but the text needs to be a 'Variable'.

    I will then use APMS to change the 'Variable' in the SWF movie at runtime, thus displaying whatever text string I desire.

    Before you ask, yes I already have a trail copy of 'Flash 5'.

    Any help would be much appreciated, but please bear in mind that I'm a newbie to 'Flash'.

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    Re: Any 'Flash' Experts Out There ???

    That would be FLASH OBJECT > SET VARIABLE. There's many great tutorials on how to use text fields as well as how variables work in Flash at Until you have basic working knowledge of how variables work in flash any expert advice I could give would be useless to you.

    Here's a great place to get the nuts and bolts of variables in Flash quickly and easily...

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software