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network-based distribution possibilities

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    Re: network-based distribution possibilities

    I believe UNC stands for "Universal Naming Convention". If you are on a network, a file on a network could be represented by "f:\Documents\myfile.doc". Using UNC, you could have "\\Server1\Documents\myfile.doc". Using UNC paths frees you from mapping a drive or using a mapped drive. This may or may not work for you, it depends on how your network is setup and whether your apps can work that way. At work, my co-workers have access to the same network files, but they may have different drive letters pointing to the same thing. By using something like \\Server\support\cdmenu\autorun.exe, I don't have to specify a drive letter which may not work on someone's PC because that drive actually points to a different server or location.

    If you keep everything in a folder, you could create the menu without even specifying an UNC or drive letter, basically you can make everything "relative" to where the AMS run-time is located, this way you could run the project from a CD or even from the network. This is how I have been "fixing" my current project and how I will create network projects in the future.

    Currently I develop the project at my workstation and when it is ready I simply build it directly to the server (only 5 people uses it).

    About having everyone access the same CD, I think a CD-ROM drive won't be able to handle the load, hard drives are way faster.