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  • ActiveX Z-order Curiosity

    I seem to recall placing objects on top of mediaplayer, iexplorer, and flash controls. Indeed its doable in exactly the same way that it works on your desktop when you move windows over others.

    Limitations involve being bound to rectangular opaque areas (with most graphic cards), and really you'd only expect it to work well full screen when window and object positions are fixed relative to the center of the screen. And then there is the question of talking back to AMS from the floating windows.

    Anyway, I seem to remember doing the overlay stably by using click2learns toolbook to create a couple of new viewers which spawned above the activeX control on pageEnter until they got hidden on pageExit.

    Although wanting to build such behaviour tends to diminish the more you think about it, it still forces me to consider something.

    For those of us daft enough to still be using toolbook (although it has a flexible scripting language that feels more powerful to me than AMS actions - or maybe I just like typing code) it still remains useful and familiar to some developers for certain tasks. Having said that AMS is just gorgeous.

    What I'd like to know is whether the AMS developers expect any conflict (other than ideological) in mixing AMS and Toolbook on the same cd through some weird mutant hybrid app, forget the distaste and rise above it, the way I'm thinking at the moment is to use Toolbook as just another mediatype within AMS. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    The only problem is calling back to AMS, is there some library I can use from toolbook to send messages to AMS at runtime?

    Oooer, its all getting a bit perverse. lol