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  • Acrobat beautification

    Why does it matter whether the iexplorer control is fully within the bounds of the AMS window? If we could chop off the top and left we can hide all parts of the window that show the ugly acrobat interface when the explorer object sucks on a pdf.

    For HTML is no great shakes to build in that border, and use an IFrame for the scrolly window.

    Or is there another way to beautify acrobat and remove all those ugly controls?

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    Re: Acrobat beautification

    According to Adobe, regarding the Toolbar property of the App object:
    "This property allows a script to show or hide both the horizontal and vertical Acrobat tool bars.
    It does not hide the tool bar in external windows (i.e. in an Acrobat window within a Web
    browser)." - Acrobat Javascript Object Specification page 70.
    We will have to put up with the menu and toolbars in a browser for the time being. A solution for you would be to display the pdf through Acrobat. You could then set the open options of the pdf (File>Document Properties>Open Options...
    In User Interface Options tick the bits you want to hide.


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      Re: Acrobat beautification

      Thanks for your reply Andrew.

      With respect to positioning the explorer window outside the bounds of the AMS window, I've seen this done elsewhere and wondered whether it was enforced in AMS arbitrarily. If it isn't arbitrary and there are excellent reasons for not permitting activeX controls to stray beyond the edges of windows i'd sure appreciate the hint.

      Thx muchly.