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internal AMS timing/speed depends on CPU-Power?

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  • internal AMS timing/speed depends on CPU-Power?

    Sneeze again sorry for getting on somone`s wick [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    This is a general question that results from my project im working on.
    Someone remember my timebased pagechange question since two days ago?
    I got this tip from Derek

    This countigfunction works well but contains general problem i think.
    I have testet my project on other PC`s from my friends. The pagechange timing depends extremely to that speed on my PC.
    My PC contains a AMD 1333 CPU
    1st Friend use an AMD 800 CPU
    2nd use a intel 400 i think

    My project contains a flash on page first and when film are finished it shoult change to page two.
    (For all the guy out there...i know the "On FSCommand" option in flash or the "endofstream option for mpg`s! And i think this options are the proof for what im talking about.)

    So the sideeffect is that every PC change the Page on another Timepoint as the other PC`s. And this is a mainproblem in my opinion when i am wright what i supose.
    Am i wright ???
    This is very good to see when somone use this "inernal countingfunction" together with a constant streaming file like MP3 or MPG.

    So when im wright in this case what for an solution i could take to a pictureslideshow for example. Or in my case with a swf-flashfile.

    hope i could declare wright ...

    (it is no problem to attach my project, at this time it has a 3 MB filesize)

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    Re: internal AMS timing/speed depends on CPU-Power?

    That's the nature of a busy loop. I personally wouldn't use a while loop alone for a delay. Either use a series of Application.Sleeps to insert "staccato pauses," or play a silent mp3 in the background and use the MP3 Player's On Progress event as a one-second timer.

    If you search for it, there was a discussion on how to do this (complete with a sample project) a while back.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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      Re: internal AMS timing/speed depends on CPU-Power?

      Hi Lorne,
      "That's the nature of a busy loop."
      Hmm then i cant understand how to use an loop generaly, if i cant be shure about the exact lenght ?
      Maby you can explane it .... but ok that seems another discussion...
      Stacatto pauses ... i know what i is but how to build?
      Anyway the silent mp3 loop could be a solution that i understand. The Thread/attachment you talk about is the "Scrolling Text" ?:


      If yes ... i cant dig that function. If any can explain that please help. I would not copy n paste that ...i will understand it [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]