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  • Tutorials for Version 4

    I am a new user to version 4 and I am finding it a lot more difficult to get my head around than ver 3, even with the help files. Are there any tutorials available anywhere?

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    Re: Tutorials for Version 4

    Do search for Video Tutorials and you will find some that were put together and posted on this forum. Good stuff. There are examples in the Help file that should be of help too and you can check the knowledgebase for examples on how to do stuff as well. Hope this helps.
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      Re: Tutorials for Version 4

      Thanks, I appreciate it. I am a little surprised that there are no formal tutorials, as this version is a big jump from the last one, and I am fairly computer literate.


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        Re: Tutorials for Version 4

        I hate to sound repetitive but there's a bunch of stuff coming down the pipe locky, you'll see lots of structured formal tutorials around soon, including both free and commercial ones.

        The free ones are great obviously highly snazzy but the commercial ones (AutoPlay Insight) which are coming out are extremely comprehensive and easy to follow...

        Don't forget locky you can request video tutorials too, just let me know what you need and I'll do my best to either cut a new vid tute or find you some resources...

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