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Windows XP - self extracting cab file

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  • Windows XP - self extracting cab file

    i just discovered an exe buried in the system32 folder that creates self-extracting cabinet files [didnt evenm know it was there!]. You can use this to make single exe's for sending out yur AMS projects - if yu need to.
    The file is called iexpress.exe ... just run it and follow the wizard. Dont know if it's available on other versions of Windows.
    I tried it and it worked well with the building, however, when i came to extract it and run the AMS.exe, I had some errors with AMS.exe finding files. Prob have to play with it a while to get the packaging correct - iron out the bugs as it were.

    This *may* be an alternative to using WinRAR - where someone can go have a look at the SFX info to see where it's unpacking to.
    = Derek
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    Re: Windows XP - self extracting cab file

    It is also on Win2k.

    Here is a link on MS about it and another.

    I will have to look into usin this as a WinRAR and Winzip alternative.

    Thanks for the pointer.

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