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    How to do this: to have user click on text and opens a folder called "Photos" and a prompt to "Save As" a particular graphic image (i.e. picture.tif) to their hard drive without opening the application for that image.

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    Re: Save As...

    Use a "Dialog - File Browse" to build your own "Save As" dialog, and then just use a "File - Copy" action to copy the file to the location they specified.

    As for opening a folder, just opening a folder is easy (just use a "File - Open" action), but since clicking on files in a folder happens completely outside AutoPlay, there's no way for AutoPlay to know that the user is clicking on the files, or what the user has selected. You might be able to simulate a folder in AutoPlay-- using a Flash Object or some really funky DHTML might work--but it'd be much easier/better just to present the user with a list of images to choose from, either as a bunch of Image Objects on the page (click one to Save As...) or as a list of names in a List Box Object...that sort of thing.
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