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Reading 'Comma Delimited' text from a file

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  • Reading 'Comma Delimited' text from a file

    I was wondering if you can help me...

    I'm trying to read some 'Comma Delimited' text from an external file I've created, called 'Test.txt'.

    The contents of my file are as follows...

    1, My Great Application !!!
    2, Version 1.0
    3, Powered By 'IMAGINATION'

    What I want to do is read the information after the '*,' and write it to the following variables ( of which I'll then use to display in my AutoPlay Menu )...


    I'm sure this is easy, but I'm not sure where to start.

    Many thanks in advance !!!

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    Re: Reading 'Comma Delimited' text from a file

    Since you're creating the file, does it need to be in that format? It would be easier if you did it without the numbers...then you could just use a "Text File - Get Line" action.

    Otherwise, it isn't hard, just takes a few more steps. The best way to approach this depends on the file format, and what information you need from it, and what you need that information for. If your file format isn't already set in stone, you might want to reformat it so the information is easy to process.

    The reason I ask is, it doesn't sound like the numbers are serving any purpose. Or are they being used to indicate something else?

    If you wanted to bring in "comma separated values," that's even easier. (A single "Text File - Read", and bingo, you've got a delimited string ready to do with as you please.) But the example you posted isn't formatted as CSV.
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