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Have any of you had any glitches with AMS and icon resolution?

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  • Have any of you had any glitches with AMS and icon resolution?

    I have to say that AMS is surprisingly well-written. Every aspect of it seems to show that. Particularly the little things like how it remembers which property menu you last viewed on a specific hotspot. Very cool.

    The only prob I've had is with AMS causing inexplicable windows errors which sometimes crash the system. I've also noticed that the icon color resolution on my desktop got messed up. The properties window states that they're all True-Color 24 bit.

    I think the problem is that most of the xml I've created deals with internet downloads and modifying files on the hard-drive (automatic updater functions). I'm afraid that all of the manipulation of basic files may be giving the computer an itch.

    It's not so much of a problem, more of an annoyance, but I'm concerned about publishing a CD which may do the same thing to the customers. Is it just me? Am I putting off some sort of EMF that's making my station hate me? =) Thanks in advance!



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    Re: Have any of you had any glitches with AMS and icon resolution?

    To be honest, I'm not sure what to make of the icon color problem.

    I did however want to make a comment about the occasional crashes in the product for yourself and any others. If anyone is able to replicate a crash with some consistency, please send an email to [email protected] as well as a post here, because of course we want to resolve these issues. So far with some reports, it's been very difficult to replicate some of the issues. So please send us as much detail as possible when these cases arise and I'll certainly do my best to pin point the problem. Unfortunately, sometimes it's like looking for a needle in a haystack when the error seems to be of a random nature. Thank you everyone for your patience.