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Flash intro, need to jump to home

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  • Flash intro, need to jump to home

    I have a small flash intro that i want to play for about 45 secs then jump to the home page. I've experimented with "On Initialize" Application sleep for 45 secs then page Jump to my home page. What happens is sometimes it'll start but the flash movie won't play, but it will jump to the home page? I know i should be using a FS Command, but having problems setting the flash object. Should i get variable first, define object name? in the drop down the defualt "Flash1" name is there, then it ask to for object name. So I assume name it what my file name is? Okay once i run preview i get errors, which is why i guess i tried to take the easy route on app, sleep Jump.... Help........

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    Re: Flash intro, need to jump to home

    Try placing your "Application.Sleep" action and your "Page.Jump" actions on the "On Show" event. It seemed to work with an example Flash file I tested. Worth a shot, if you haven't tried yet.


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      Re: Flash intro, need to jump to home

      Flash movies time differently from computer to computer so using a fixed timer will result in poor consistency.

      The best is to put an fscommand named done, i.e.:

      fscommand ("done")

      ont he last frame of your flash movie. Then have a "on fs command" PAGE JUMP on your page. So when the flash movie is done it fires an fscommand whereas your page is just sitting there waiting to get hit by an fscomand to do it's page jump.

      This is the best way.

      Corey Milner
      Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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        Re: Flash intro, need to jump to home

        Here is the link to the tutorial IR put together.

        Click Here
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          Re: Flash intro, need to jump to home

          I GOT IT!!!!! Thanks everyone, very good info, very good...


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            Re: Flash intro, need to jump to home

            Hi Folks,

            I was looking an avi or powerpoint intro, then automatically jumping to a page. I've seen the flash tutorial, which was very good, but can this be done easy with avi or powerpoint files as I'm not very good with programming.


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