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new user! mp3 problems! please help!

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  • new user! mp3 problems! please help!


    I download AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 and I am new to the software.
    I want to make disc of full album in mp3 format (I don't want to use the internal player) and I have 2 problem that I hope that you can help me with.

    I want to make a list of songs in specific album and I want to make that every line that I clicked will open the right mp3 file. I don't want to use text box for every song...
    also I want that this list will change to other songs every time I move to another album.

    I want to make button that wil be a playlist and every time I click on him he will play in order the songs of the disk and allow the whole album to be played with one click.
    like the first problem I also want that this button change his list of songs every time that I move to diffrent album.

    So how I can do all this things?
    (I searched on the forum for answer but I didnt understand...)

    please help me and thank you for your help!
    sorry for my english...

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    Re: new user! mp3 problems! please help!

    Can't fill in all the blanks but here's a few helpful links:;Main=13417;o=&vc=1;o=&vc=1

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software