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  • WebPage Jump and back to webpage

    After 4 hours I've decided I'm really stumped here...

    I'm using the webpage jump routine Brett the Code Monkey provided to jump from a full screen webobject weblink on page 1 to Page 2 within an AMS4 app. That works fine.

    The problem is that I then need to jump from page 2 back to page 1 using a regular text object and pagejump action.

    Onclick of the Text object the app jumps to Page 1 but immediately jumps back to Page 2.

    I tried manipilating the variables used by the webpage jump routine, navigating to a different page in the web object etc. but I just can't seem to get it to work.

    It seems so simple. Anyone got any ideas.

    I attached a sample of what I'm trying to do. Ignore the text object link on page one. That was just to let me diagnose what was happening.


    13971-WebPage jump &

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    Re: WebPage Jump and back to webpage

    Hi - The URL in a Web Browser Object on a page will always maintain it's last URL that was viewed. If you wish to always have the same html page displayed every time you view the page, what you should do is create a "WebBrowserObject.NavigateTo" action to pre-set the URL that is displayed each time that page opens. You should create that action on the Actions tab of Page Properties "On Show" event.

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      Re: WebPage Jump and back to webpage

      Thank You Again Derek!