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  • feedback on existing actions

    Is there a way for AMS to show what actions were designed for what object/event?
    After awhile, and a lot of actions, it is hard to remember which event of which object triggers which action.
    If this feature doesn't exist, I would warmly recommend to include it.


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    Re: feedback on existing actions

    We are currently working on this for a future release. Recently I was assigned the task to document when/where actions work.

    Here are a couple of rules to live by when adding actions

    1) Do not use any actions that refer to embedded Objects in Project -> Initialize, Project -> Close, Project -> Destroy.
    2) Most Object specific actions do not work well on Page -> initialize.

    The actions that I am referring to are
    AVI Object actions
    Text button actions
    Image Object actions
    Edit Field actions
    Text Box actions
    ListBox actions
    Flash Object actions
    Media Player Object actions
    Web Browser Object actions

    Here is a list of events where all actions should work
    Page -> Show
    Page -> Close
    Page -> Destroy
    Mouse -> Over
    Mouse -> Click
    Mouse -> Leave
    List Box On Selection Change
    List Box On Double Click
    All AVI, Flash, Web Browser Object events

    I imagine that there will be a KB article on this in the near future.


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      Re: feedback on existing actions

      Thanks for the guidelines Adam.