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HELP! Bookmarks in Autoplay MenuStudio 4.0

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  • HELP! Bookmarks in Autoplay MenuStudio 4.0

    I am creating an Assessment of sorts, and needed to know how to code bookmarks (adding a reg value) and logic to pages which will cause Autoplay to jump to a specific page based on that reg value. I currently have it adding a reg value on page loads. Upon Autoplay run, it checks that value. I have also tried a nested IF statement, unsuccessful. It will work with just one value, but when trying multiple values such as:

    IF (%GetLocation% = 1)
    END IF

    IF (%GetLocation% = 2)
    END IF

    IF (%GetLocation% = 3)
    END IF will not work.....I have also tried setting labels in order to jump to the next IF statement....nothing seems to be working. Anyone Please HELP!

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    Re: HELP! Bookmarks in Autoplay MenuStudio 4.0

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    Hi - I have created a 4 page example for yu to see how it's working. Everything is done by clicking text for this example, but of course that can be adjusted to suit.
    You can open zip and extract the .am4 file, then just open it with AMS.
    Shout if you have any further questions.
    = Derek
    ["All glory comes from daring to begin" - fortune cookie]