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Copying the parent directory

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  • Copying the parent directory

    This is what I have:
    I have a 'help' application, which resides in the 'Help' dir. on my autoplay CD. This help dir is the distribution folder for the HELP project, the main project's distribution folder contians 'Help'.

    This is what I want:
    A button in HELP that copies the entire contents of the MAIN project's distribution folder to a user-specified location.

    This is what I did:
    I got the %srcdir% and did a replace to remove "/Help" and replace it with "/". Then I copy using the modified %srcdir% variable as the source (%newSource%\*.*) to the destination the user chooses from a folder browse dialog box.

    This is what Happens:
    In WinXP on multiple machines it works great as expected.
    In Win98 on multiple machines it fails to properly replace /Help with / and leaves me copying ONLY the 'Help' dir.

    --after looking at the 98 problem, I was able to determine it translated the path name to CAPS shoing "now copying "\HELP\*.*, when the CD path name still was called 'Help' in explorer--not 'HELP'.

    I then tried to use a subtraction to remove the 'Help', but i ran into problems on the network, in 98 where the copy function failed when the program was running off of a network drive (WINDOWS would give an address error in the range something like 9x091437 to 0xFFFFFFFF, and then the Menu would be forced closed). I've since given up, and the final CD project is already gone into distribution, but I just wanted to let people know of the silliness in 98 with path names, and the other problems with copying from a network drive.

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    Re: Copying the parent directory

    My approach would have been to keep everything I need to move in a zip file and then simply use a ZIP > EXTRACT action to pour it's contents into the user selected directory.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: Copying the parent directory

      but what I want to move is everything...literally the entire CD (content size=420MB or 396 in Zip file--both won't fit!) that the Autoplay program could be 'installed' to the HD without needing the CD anymore, if the user so wanted.