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  • A String Viewer

    Wouldn't it be usefull to have a string viewer where the distrib. and explorer bars are? I find myself many times having to build my own viewer, wondering exactly what the variable has returned, If there is a IR Santa out there perhaps my wish list would include a Viewer which you could drag or add %AllVariables% and would run at preview time in it's own window and list any returned values and strings.
    Right now if I'm not sure of something I gotta create these text objects all over the project and run it to see what the return value is, then be sure to delete them all once the project is complete. Not neccessary but would be an aid yes? or am I the dummy here?

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    Re: A String Viewer

    I think we all have times when we need to see what a variable is as it's processed. I've found using the MessageBox Dialog works best for me. Set the title to the name of the variable, and the message to the %variable%. You could even go a step further by setting a variable say %DEBUG%="TRUE" and use a IF %DEBUG% = "TRUE" then run the message box code.

    You'll still end up deleting the lines of code, but it will save clutter in the project.