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Image Hide/Show oddity

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  • Image Hide/Show oddity

    Can someone take a look at this and see if you get the same results I seem to.

    When clicking on the button 1-5 somteimes the image that is shown for the ON value will not hide until you move your mouse a little bit. Same goes for the Prev and Next buttons. It seemes to work if you start out by clicking the Next and Prev, but if you randomly click a 1-5 button, and then use Next and Prev you should see what I'm describing.

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong in the script?

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Image Hide/Show oddity

    I get the same. It's as if refresh isn't really refreshing as it should .. or as one may expect it to.
    I did find the following to be true, however, and may work. Tho I am not sure if this is gonna work on all machines or if it's a good idea ....:

    Have ImgOff1 - 5 showing all the time and not hidden:
    Supposing you have ImgOff1 -5 showing and then ImgOn1 showing as well, ImgOn1 shows over ImgOff1, so you get the desired look. If then you click Img2, you simply show ImgOn2 and hide ImgOn1 [or ImgOn%page%] and it seems to work.
    So you're never actually hiding the 'off images', your simply showing the 'on images' over the top of them.
    = Derek
    ["All glory comes from daring to begin" - fortune cookie]


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      Re: Image Hide/Show oddity

      Thanks Derek, I'll try that and see id it makes a difference.

      I guess the question is, Does the Z-Order stay the same from when you build the project to distirbution?