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  • two menus - one CD


    could someone show me a quick resolution (pun) to setting up an action to read the screen resolution of the user's machine and choose to play Menu 1 or Menu2 (the 800x600 menu or the 1024x768 menu)?

    Thanks very much.

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    Re: two menus - one CD

    %horizontal% = System.Getinformation ("Horizontal Resolution")
    %vertical% = System.Getinformation ("Vertical Resolution")

    and then load a pre-compiled application @ that resolution..
    tip- make one version for 640*480, one for 800*600, and one for 1024*768, and then a 'default project link' to the 640*480 if it cant find the size or whatever, and a 'default link' to the 1024*768 if its BIGGER then that resolution [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    so what u gotta do is make a 'link project' that loads the others and closes itself after they are loaded.

    -hope this helps


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      Re: two menus - one CD


      Look here for a suggestions on how to do what you want. If you look down the list there is a posting by Corey ( i think) with an example on how to accomplish this very thing. Here is the direct link

      In short you build two projects that are identicle except for size. On the main project it checks the resolution. Depending on the answer it will then unpack the appropriate sized project for their screen. Corey used WinRAR to accomplish the unpacking of the projects. WinRAR is a great product espeically to accomplish this task.

      I have done this same thing on my project but used only two projects. On at 800x600 and the other at 640x480. The 800x600 is my main file and does the checking upon initializaion for the %ScreenWidth% only. I use the 800x600 for any screen resolutions above 800x600. It looks good at 800x600 and 1024x7868. If it Less than 800 I switch to the 640x480 project which sits in a rar'd file in the root directory.

      Let me know if this has been any help. If you want more examples I can provide those as well.

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        Re: two menus - one CD

        Thanks, guys.

        Very helpful. I'm going about building a transition menu that reads resolution, closes, and jumps to the program menu with "correct" screen size. Sorry, that this is old territory, but I want consistency in the size of the mpeg1 video file. Otherwise, the video clip is extra large on the 800 screen and about right on the 1024 screen. Really trying to even things out as far as that's concerned.

        Also, in doing this, I find that the graphics must all be resized (background, buttons, etc.) I think that screen size, once you get used to one, its very hard to consider going back or changing. It's just been a year or so with 1024 and I just can't seem to go back easily. But I know that most people have 800, but I really like creating these projects in 1024.

        My problem.....