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  • multiple media files

    I want to play 3 different windows media files linked by 3 text files.This is on 1 page.If I insert 3 wm objects clicking on any one of the text links plays all 3 at once. how do I get around this?

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    Re: multiple media files

    You have three different Windows Media objects on the screen? And when you press one of the text objects to play on, it plays all of them? If that is correct, one thing you may want to do is only have one Windows Media object and when the text button is pressed, you have it first load the appropriate file and them play that application (or if it is a larger file, have it set to autoplay upon it being loaded, search for an article on this one)

    But even if you just had the text file set to play the windows media object, it should only start the one you specify in the play dialog. I am away from my other comptuer, so I cannot look it up right now.

    I would try to only have one object and load the appropriate file and play it after it has loaded. Or you may try to have the Windows Media objects hidden and only show and play the appropriate one.

    And if none of those suggestions work, you can post a link to the project files here and we can always help.
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