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Screen flickers when using Media Player object

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  • Screen flickers when using Media Player object


    I used the built-in Media Player object and actions to control a simple mpg movie. I removed all the controllers that came with Media Player and used my own buttons and assigned Player, Pause, etc. action to them.

    I also made a simple fancy rectangle object (like a tv box) for the movie to "rest" on. (as we know, Media Player object just overlaps all the other objects, and you cannot have objects on top of it, as in layering - so you have to make the background object bigger than the Media Player object). I also enabled fullscreen for the Media Player object as well as for the Page. The movie was 500 x 500 and the page was also 500 x 500.

    Now when testing the output, all the buttons and the movie worked fine. However, when I moved the mouse outside the 500 x 500 and then returned inside, the screen flickered. Clicking on the Play, and Pause, and etc, also caused the same result.

    Anybody else exprienced this and if so, any remedy? Or maybe it was just my old computer.



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    Re: Screen flickers when using Media Player object

    You mean the entire screen flickered, or just the part where the movie was playing?

    If it's your whole screen, I'd recommend upgrading the video card on the computer.
    Eric Darling
    eThree Media


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      Re: Screen flickers when using Media Player object

      You cannot stack objects, remove the object underneath the Media Player and you'll be fine. If you want to have a fancy screen graphic around it then simply make it part of the page background image... Exact same effect, no flicker...

      Corey Milner
      Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software