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  • AMS to create Education products

    Being a technical Intructor in my primary position, I was curious as to how many here many here use AMS to create educational products? I was introduced to AMS while helping out another division, I liked the introduction. :-) I was just curious as to how many currently us it as such.
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    Re: AMS to create Education products

    I have, as a matter of fact I'm authoring a few training CD ROMs such as the soon-to-be-released AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 Power Tips CD... Works great. Great product, perfectly suited for creating this kind of stuff.

    Having used it a few times, I can say I officially dislike Authorware. I love Macromedia overall but I'm unfond of a few of their products such as Authorware, Freehand, Fireworks, etc...

    AutoPlay Media Studio is soooo much easier to use than Authorware or Director and it gets incredible results. So even if I weren't working for Indigo Rose I think this would be my tool of choice for creating and deploying educational or training materials.

    In an unrelated incident, I also have a cool free online training video series coming up for the Citizens Action Center which provides training for citizens who wish to incorporate cyber activism into their overall activist agenda. You can change the world from your comfy little chair right now and this series shows you how, step-by-step. Should be cool, we'll see...

    Corey Milner
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      Re: AMS to create Education products


      That's about all I create using AMS. One major product was just published by a large Boston publishing house, several books chapters with supplemental CDs, many teaching CDs used in my University graduate courses, about five projects involving others who want help with their training products, and the list goes on.

      I understand folks make mp3 players and the like, but with mpeg1 video and flash, you can make professional training CDs for any purpose. I will continue to use AMS in that way.

      I've started the jump to research using AMS and sending out survey CDs next month that link to the web database. I can't see an end to the possibilities....

      One more point, I am involved in a national grant study that looks at the application of interactive CDs and their effectiveness as a learning tool. I hope to gather data on just how effective these things are.

      I'm ready to start a business doing this stuff.... and oh yeah,
      I purchase teaching and training CDs all the time. I'm hoping that CDs are around for a while. You never know with DVD moving up fast......



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        Re: AMS to create Education products

        Hi TJ. I am in a similar position to Michael, in that the majority of our work is involved in Autorun product training & installational manuals for a variety of global manufacturing companies, and these in turn are made available by them to tradesmen,service and maintenance guys etc. Loaded with video, animations, audio and graphics, AMS is the perfect solution for staff training and education right across the board in my opinion.


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          Re: AMS to create Education products

          I work for a large educational publisher and I build most all of our products using AMS. Have been for a couple years now and I love it. Easy to use and the end products are great.

          With AMS4 I have already implemented 2 new product types and I'm sure there are many more on the way