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  • Problems with XP

    Has anyone else had XP problems. I created an EXE on a 2000 system and tried to run it on an XP system. The error stated that I do not have the proper dll file. This is the same error if I try to open an ams file in AutoPlay on the XP system. Does AMS work on XP? Should I create the exe on XP instead of the 2000? Would that work on the older versions of Windows?


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    Re: Problems with XP

    AMS 4.0 works fine (and is tested often) on XP.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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      Re: Problems with XP

      Why then am I getting that error, I have posted about it before but never rectified the problem. Have you ever tested making the exe or .am4 on a 2000 and opening it in XP?


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        Re: Problems with XP

        I build all my apps in Windows 2000 and have never had any problems in XP.

        Is this a custom .dll? cpuinf32.dll? I don't have this on my machine.

        If you are calling the .dll within you AMS4 app then you need to determine if the .dll exists and if so set the location on the machine.

        What I would do is look at 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP machines and see where this .dll lives.

        Then in AMS program an action to get the Operating system. Then set up a variable like %DLL_Location% and Search for the file in the apppropriate location based on the OS .

        If it finds the file the set the path if not send a dialouge prompt to install of give directions.

        Doesn't seem to be a problem with AMS, your actions just need to be more flexible.


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          Re: Problems with XP

          I dont call a .dll in my program nor do I have any crazy actions. Just Page jumping, and avi and mpeg1 playing.

          This stinks, I think I am going to have to just recreate it in XP I looked for the dll and it is sitting in the winnt folder. but I never call it to be used. My app is to big to attach.



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            Re: Problems with XP

            I did some searching around on the cpuinf32.dll file and came up with some interesting hits. The DLL is made by Intel, and requires the VB6 runtimes. Try installing/re-installing the VB6 runtimes on the problematic machines. From what I read, some apps (I'm not saying it's AMS, it could be a video decoder or image processor) check the speed of the CPU to determine how it will process an image/video.

            I found one that has some information on Ligos MPG decoders causing crashes in Media Player Here the link.

            Do you have ULead's Movie Factory, if so...
            Here's another good link

            All-in-All it looks like it has something to do with the Windows Media Player.

            I hope these help you get started in the right direction.

            Here's a link to download the CPUINF32.DLL and MPLAPX.DLL that several hits said needed to be in your System directory

            You may want to make sure the DLL is registered too.
            Regsvr32 /u C:\Pathtofile\cpuinf32.dll to unregister
            Regsvr32 cpu C:\Pathtofile\cpuinf32.dll


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              Re: Problems with XP

              Maybe Updating or Reinstalling Windows Media Player will take care of it too?


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                Re: Problems with XP

                I distribute many CD projects build with AMS 4 on Win 98, and about 20 % of my Customers who has Windows XP OS, have reported the problem. Error message says that the CD's structure is corrupted or something to this effect.

                I found the solution on Microsoft's Website suggesting to run
                Windows XP in Windows 98 Mode in such cases.

                Here is the link:

                So far it worked for my Customers, and they were able to run
                Autoplay.exe on Windows XP in Compatibility Mode.

                I hope this info will help.


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                  Re: Problems with XP

                  Great info!

                  Corey Milner
                  Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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                    Re: Problems with XP

                    Now the question is can you add scripting in AMS that will detect if this error happens and set the properties accordingly?
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                      Re: Problems with XP

                      I have been recreating my CD Rom on an XP machine. I figured out where I get my error from. It the MPEG1's. When I tried to add a new media player object, I selected an MPEG and recieved the dll error. The MPEG does play on the machine as a stand alone. Anyone have any suggestions???


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                        Re: Problems with XP

                        I too am seeing this problem. I biult and tested the setup on two desktops, running XP Pro. But, when I loaded it for a presentation that I need to give on a laptop that was runnning XP home, It would error out. I had surpressed the error msgs so I hav'nt had time to check out the msg yet.


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                          Re: Problems with XP

                          If you are running ULEAD on the XP Machine you need to put the .dlls in the windows/system folder. Past posts in this thread have links to download them.