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  • User configured menu

    Any ideas on how to create a "utility/tools" page within an AMS application that would allow users to set up a customized main menu page? My application presently has a main menu with 20 choices, each of which points to and opens one of 20 MediaPlayer objects (mpg1's).
    Some of my clients won't want all 20 of the items listed because some may not be relevant to their way of working.
    Is there a way I can give users a choice in what displays on their Main Menu, e.g., "I don't want items three and six to show at all and I'd like item twelve to show up on screen in the location presently occupied by number five."
    Any ideas or comments gratefully accepted.

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    Re: User configured menu

    You could simply have a text file or a delimited registry key on the users machine that specifies what menu items are hidden or not.

    By default you could have all items appear and a secret keystroke to enter the setup menu


    You could have a the Setup menu appear on first run to setup the program.

    You would then have a project "On Init" action that reads the reg key or text file and then hides/displays the appropriate menu items


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      Re: User configured menu

      I think KP hit it with the registry value. I don't know how you'd hook for a keystroke though, maybe a password protected Utility page instead.

      My 2 cents anyhow.


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        Re: User configured menu

        Come on, the secret keystroke is the best part !!!

        Simply set up a 1 pixel x 1 pixel hotspot object and place it outside the project page limits so it can never be clicked

        Now assign it a Keyboard shortcut like ALT + M

        Give the hotspot an onclick action to Jump to the Secret MENU page and you have it.

        Now if you are in your program you can do ALT + M and enter your secret page.

        I love secret stuff


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          Re: User configured menu

          Never thought of that... cool!


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            Re: User configured menu

            Hehe [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
            That's classic!!
            I always have to have a secret page, gives me an edge on life [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]