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  • Multiple Autoruns

    Here is my problem! I use 3.0. I have 2 properly working training CD's and now a customer wants both on "one" CD.

    I place an object in each that refers to the other. Burn the CD and I can switch from one to the other.

    However, each time you switch between them it starts another entire new session and soon you have it running multiple times.

    I placed second CD version in a sub folder with it's own autorun and object action to switch between each is Execute Program %srcdrv%\autorun.exe and the second is %srcdrv%\subfolder\autorun.exe.

    How do I switch back and forth without running each multiple times? Or, I copy one version into the other so I have a single autorun? Any ideas?

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    Re: Multiple Autoruns

    Just add and action after the execute autorun.exe within each app to close that app.

    This way it closes one as it opens the other


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      Re: Multiple Autoruns

      Thanks...worked like a charm!