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  • Running Internet Explorer

    I have a project which needs to start an HTML file with Internet Explorer in a resizeable window. I don't think that can be accomplished in AMS using the webbrowser control. Therefore, I need to start IE even if IE is not the default browser. I have tried the examples on this forum (INFO: Launching Internet Explorer in Kiosk
    Mode, Document ID: IR04021) using the execute without an explicit path. They always return file not found, even though IE is installed on the machine (under Win2k, WinXP, and Win98, didn't try under 95, 95OSR2, ME, or 98SE). I also tried some code using the action and then iterating through the list using file.information to determine the highest version then executing that version. That works on all my test machines. However, my beta testers are running into the error "Could not read file information" on some machines when the action tries to return the version. I've tried reading registry keys to determine the explicit path to IE, but there is no one registry key which will tell you where IE is located. Does anyone know of an action or an API that can be called with file.calldll that can start IE without an explicit path?


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    Re: Running Internet Explorer

    My project cd has basically the same function, I use IE to run both web pages and reading offline pages from the cd itself, and what I found is you can always use an explicit path such as %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe with a command line option of the page or file to open , either on the web or off the cd in kiosk mode, since IE can only be installed in one location on win95 -Me , ...Win2k & XP installed under logical Partitions will have different Drive letters but the "%Programfiles%" variable will always point to their installed directory.