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    i have a couple of questions:
    - is the a way to have a button in media player do the next and previous functions
    - i am using a touch screen so when media player goes full screen how can it revert it back to normal veiw
    - i want to have the time and the date in all my pages but i dont know how i use the action in system but it stores it in %date% then i dont know what to do after that


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    Re: media player

    Can anyone pls help


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      Re: media player

      Well let's see:

      1. Yes that's no problem, just add the appropriate media player actions to your buttons.
      2. No idea about touch screens whatsoever but you can use ESC to get out of full screen.
      3. You need to use a TEXT OBJECT > SET TEXT action to insert the contents of that variable into a text object on your stage.

      Sounds like you are rushing things a bit though, spend a few days experimenting with AutoPlay Media Studio and you will have all the skills you need to achieve these basic tasks. Trying to learn how to do things without experimenting with the app and at least becoming a little bit familiar with the app will not achieve professional results.

      It's a very easy app to learn and after a few hours of diligent experimentation you should start to get comfortable with it.

      Corey Milner
      Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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        Re: media player

        Cory i managed to display the time and date but i want it to be as a working visibale clock with out the need of a click.
        currently i have start on initialize of the page then it displays the same time it doesnt change is the a loop other than goto label because when i did it the preveiw jammed



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          Re: media player

          set a variable like %TimeOnOff% = On
          then do a:

          WHILE %TimeOnOff% = On
          Get current Time = %CurrentTime%
          Set.Text (Text object whatever) to %CurrentTime%
          END WHILE

          Or something along those lines.

          If you want it based on a button you can have the button set the variable of %TimeOnOff% to either On or Off. Use If statements to turn it into a toggle button. I think there is an example of the toggle button in the Knowledgebase.

          If you want more help or my instructions are vague, let me know and I will do what more I can.
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            Re: media player

            i this way will show the time only on demand when show time is on ie clicked i want a way were it is always on and showing i tried the goto funcction it is showing the time and date ok but all the buttons and hot spots on the page now are non clickable i think because the goto function just keeps on showing then time but doesnt let anything work pls help.

            also i tried to find out a way to have a playlist for the videos then when the user plays any video instead of opening file and choosing again he just clicks on next or previos buttons which plays the next or previous movie