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    After getting the progress property from an mp3 file, how do I get it to consantly update the progress indicator? Right now, when I hit play, it shows the progress(obviously 00:00:00). I would like it to count how far it is in to the song. I am using the built in mp3 player, and running from a page, not the mp3 player template provided

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    Re: MP3 Progress

    In the MP3 On Progress Event

    %Property% = MP3.GetProperty ("Progress")
    TextObject[Text2].SetText ("%Property%")


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      Re: MP3 Progress

      That didn't seem to work, but I'm not sure where you meant for me to do that. Right now I have a play button that:
      1. Loads a filename from a variable
      2. plays it
      3. gets 4 different mp3 properties(album, title, length, progress)
      4. and refreshes some hidden objects, then shows them
      Am I supposed to put the
      TextObject[Text2].SetText ("%Property%")
      part into my play button, or into the text box object action tab?
      I tried both to see, and it did show the 00:00:00, but it doesn't count up to show the progress...
      I got the same results without that line of code by inserting a variable into the textbox where you would normally type text.
      I just checked back to my autoplay project and realized I am using not a textbox, but just text.......Would that be the problem, and if so, is there anyway I can do what I amtrying to do? I don't want an ugly textbox just to show what time in the song it's at.....

      P.S. I am not sure what you meant by "In the mp3 on progress event"....
      Is that like an on click or mouseover event, or just a name for what I did when I got the property?


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        Re: MP3 Progress

        Click on the toolbar item in the red box to get the events for the internal MP3 player.

        I made a sample project for you and posted it in this thread.
        Click here


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          Re: MP3 Progress

          The worm rules once again...

          Corey Milner
          Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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            Re: MP3 Progress

            How do u get to know all this *** worm brain??? Guide us with your light=====| Owwww. Hey maybe you can help me worm, i need to be able to post a file onto the internet using ams maybee u can make a dll or something plz [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] Really apreieciate it.


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              Re: MP3 Progress

              I only added to what Derek had already done. He's the brainiac.

              As for uploading something to a website, the biggest question is how much control do you have of the server? Is it IIS, Apache, or some other breed? You can send a file using a POST method, but how the server handles it is the question you need answered from your hosting provider.

              Does it have to be vie the browser object? Can it be FTP?