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  • Forgive a Newbie Question

    I'm attempting to learn AMS as quickly as so I can burn so training CDs. I created an MPG file that is 720X480. When I use the "Basic Blue Large Video Trainer (640X425) project template, I've attempted to modify the necessary items to make the Preview work. Should all I have to do is put the mpg in the distribution folder, then right click the video window, insure it's pointed to the right filename, click the attributes tab, click on the lock size to remove checkmark, then change the size of the video to 720X480. I also right click on the page and change the project size to custom and make sure everything fits. Unfortunately, whenever I point to the 720X480 mpg, the project simply disappears and vanishes from the computer! AMS works with smaller mpgs, but not this mpg that plays fine with MS Media Player... Any ideas?