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  • Julian date

    I need to convert one european date (ex. dd/mm/yyyy) to julian so write it in a register and then check it with system julian date.
    The problem is that my date registried must be grater than system julian date.
    I need to use the difference (in days) between the grater register date and the system date.
    The number of days obtained by this difference can be very useful to display information day by day.
    Someone can help me? I wish you all best regards and kisses from Italy.

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    Re: Julian date

    Is the european date you need to convert always the same date? Or is it something that the user might type in?

    You can use the System.GetDate action to get the current Julian Date, i.e. for "today" when the user runs your application.

    Unfortunately, there is no action to convert an existing date from one format to another (although you could build a bunch of actions to do it if you had to, or include a table of european dates and their corresponding Julian dates in a global list, so you can look up one and get the other).
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]