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  • Page not updating variable

    I have an edit field on a page, that includes a variable.
    This variable is changed on another page. The user types a new greeting in an editbox. Click ok, and it writes as a value to an ini file. I have verified that this does happen by looking at it right after I click ok. It changes. When I go back to the page this affects, it is supposed to get that value from the ini file, and it should show in the editfield. It doesn't though. Weird thing is, if I haven't viewed the page yet, and I change the greeting, I can go to that same page, and it will properly get the value, and display it. I've tried refreshing the edit field on initialize. I keep going over it again and again, trying to figure it out, but I keep finding that everything is set up right.
    If you'd like an example, just reply here, and I will get you one.
    (I don't know how to attach things!!)

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    Re: Page not updating variable


    What version of AutoPlay 4.0 are you using? Have you tried displaying your variable in a Dialog? If so did it contain the correct value? Try using an EditFieldObject.SetText() action on the Page.Show event, does that update the Edit Field properly?

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