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wierd error?

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  • wierd error?

    i keep getting this error.
    and im not sure where to post it

    this action cannot be completed because the other
    program is busy. choose switch to to activate the
    busy program and correct the problem

    i am using win xp
    with 1 gig ddr and
    a 1.4 atholonxp

    some time my apm works great and then on occation this comes up and i have to shut it down and restart the program numerous times to get rid of it.

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    Re: wierd error?

    Never encountered that before. Are you running multiple instances of the design environment when this happens?

    What happens before that message comes up? What action causes it? Is that the exact text of the error message?

    What other programs/tasks are running in the background? Try running AutoPlay with nothing else running (not even taskbar stuff) and see if it still happens.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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      Re: wierd error?

      that is the exact error of the message.

      it was at the point were i was getting the error
      just as the program started. before i get a chance to even open a project or create a new one.

      so i just reinstalled it and it seemed to fix the problem
      i opened a new project called it test
      havent added any images or anything yet.
      clicked on my computer in the dir window of the app
      then a couple secs later i just got the same exact error
      when i pressd the switch to button i got a new error

      Access violation at address 024E69C4 in module 'PTxScP.ocx'. read of address 000000EC.

      i have 4 hds and 1 of them has 2 partions.

      these are only things that are running in the task bar
      zone alarm
      norton sys works
      live jurnal client
      cookie wall (cookie blocker )
      pow (pop up stoper ) it only blocks what i add manualy to a list
      and mem turbo


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        Re: wierd error?

        Try it without any of those programs running. If it fixes the problem, start adding the programs back in, one at a time, until it breaks. The one that breaks it is the culprit.

        BTW, memturbo is absolutely useless. Memory doesn't need to be "defragmented," and the operating system is already designed to release memory as required. Programs like memturbo are a waste of money (in fact, some go so far as to say they are a scam).
        --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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          Re: wierd error?

          I have had this problem occur a number of times on my system using XP. It is not related to AutoPlay. It can occur for a number of reasons. On my system it is because my HP K60 printer does not always release its allocated memory back to the operating system and then it goes into sleep mode. Yes, I have the latest drivers.

          Do a control/alt/delete and see what's running on your system. Look at the processes and applications tabs (And) check your sys tray to see if any error icons are showing--that's how I found my printer problem.


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            Re: wierd error?

            Good tips.

            Also check the system event viewer to see if any driver/service errors have been logged.
            --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]