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Problems integrating Flash

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  • Derek
    Re: Problems integrating Flash

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  • johndove1
    started a topic Problems integrating Flash

    Problems integrating Flash

    I'm undergoing my first experience incorporating Flash into AMS 4, and I'm experienceing a host of problems. I have provided a detailed itemized list of issues below. All help appreciated.

    Problem 1. - Upon placing my .swf into AMS, doing a build and going to the Flash page, the movie starts and within seconds, the .swf's integrity is compromised (i.e., art and fonts become "bitmappy"), then go back to normal, display continues back and forth this way. Also, during the "bitmappy" instances, all .swf elements shift position a little (as if they we're bumped). I experimented with some different Page Settings which yielded nothing conclusive, although I temporarily got correct display results by switching off the "Automatically play..." option, (I want it to autoplay) but after a few times that option starting giving me the same bad results. Note: My .swf fills up the entire AMS window. I'm thinking this shouldn't affect the display, but could it?Anyone have any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?

    Problem 2 - I have buttons within my movies that don't work. I'm pretty sure I've given them improper commands (in Flash), but I don't know the right ones. They are as follows:

    1. Flash Button (intending to go to AMS 4 "StartPage" - - page name actually is "StartPage"
    Action I have set for button WITHIN Flash: On Press: FS Command ("StartPage", "") - - doesn't work.

    2. Sprite Button (intending to immediately start other .swf movie)
    Action I have set for button WITHIN Flash: On Press: Load Movie "moviename.swf" - - NOTE: I'm pointing to the AMS Distribution Folder for ALL .SWF movies - - WORKS in Flash Preview environment, doesn't work in AMS Build & Preview.

    I have also tried these commands -
    On Press: Load Movie "%SrcDir%\moviename.swf" - - doesn't work.
    On Press: Load Movie "Flash\moviename.swf" - - doesn't work. Can someone please straighten me out on the correct actions here?

    - - - - - - - -

    All help appreciated with these issues. P.S. - I'm not an engineer or much of a code jock - - Please respond with detail in "layman's" terms - - appreciated! Thanks.

    [email protected]