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Setting Multiple FS Commands

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  • Setting Multiple FS Commands

    Can someone please help me understand how to set multiple FS Command actions - - for a single AMS4 page - - Here is what I've got:

    AMS Page has ONE Flash object only. Within the .swf, there are multiple links pointing EITHER to another AMS Page - OR - a subsequent .swf file. The .swf has FS Commands set for ALL links (ALL "On Press"). The AMS page containing the .swf file PRESENTLY has only the corresponding 1st action set:

    On FS Command:
    Page.Jump ("Page1", "") - this works.

    - after this action, I don't know how to set up the rest -

    Next command I want is for: Play .swf2

    Next command I want is for: Page.Jump ("Page2", "")

    Next command I want is for: Close the CD.

    Again, all these commands need to interact within the SAME (single) AMS Page, and they're all from a single .swf file. Can someone explain how the AMS page actions should be set up for all this? (can you explain as "non-geek" as possible please?) - Thanks.


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    Re: Setting Multiple FS Commands

    I think what you are looking for is the FlashObject.GetProperty action as demonstrated here:

    %Command% = FlashObject[Flash1].GetProperty ("Last FSCommand")
    IF (%Command% = "Play .swf2")
    // Play the next one...
    END IF
    IF (%Command% = "Close the CD")
    END IF