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.pdf and .pps problems galore

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  • .pdf and .pps problems galore

    I had posted here a couple of times while I was using the Trial Vesion. Finally got around to buying the real thing and kind of reacquainting myself with the few things I was able to do. So here's my problem:

    I want to have a pdf file displayed when I "on mouse click" a certain button. I did a file.execute on that action with the first part pointing to the AcroRd32.exe and the second part to my .pdf file (both in Distribution). Doesn't work. However, when I open the file alone, it opens. And when I open the viewer first and then do a seperate open for the .pdf file, it also works (but kinda slow).

    This is the same situation with file.execute with the first part to ppview32.exe and the second to my .pps file. Together-error messages. Seperate-goes through. But of course with the PowerPoint viewer, that window stays open after the presentation.

    Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Few other not-as-important questions:

    What's the best way to convert Word documents to PDF files? I use Ghostview but the resolution seems poor. A better question may be how do I make PDF files from scratch?

    Final One - Is there any way to make a neat looking bitmap, tiff image in Photoshop and not have messy transparency in AutoPlay4?

    I know this has filled your plate, but I tried looking at previous posts (up to October) and couldn't assist myself. Thanks!

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    Re: .pdf and .pps problems galore

    As far as the .pdfs and running off the CD here is an article I posted a while ago.

    click here
    And here is another one.

    As far as creating PDFs here is a link to site with pdf creation software, I am sure if you do a search on you will find others. Adobe has a product called distiller that you can print to and it will create a pdf document.

    For the graphics I found that png files worked well for transparency.

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      Re: .pdf and .pps problems galore

      Personally, when opening PDFs and PPT files, I like to open them within the GUI window using the Web object. Some people get confused when the program suddenly "disappears". All you do is in place of a URL put the file and path you want to open, and if its something there is an active X control for it will open.


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        Re: .pdf and .pps problems galore

        As far as creating .pdf's I too use Acrobat but have had success with Ghostscript and Ghost View.

        You could also check out this FREE website that will convert them for you...


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          Re: .pdf and .pps problems galore

          I use a program called Print Pack from Software 602. It allows you to change anything you can print to a PDF or GIF. Runs around $20.00