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  • Indigo Rose on Icon

    I am at the end of my evaluation period for this program and I am more than impressed with it for my companies needs. I was wondering does the indigo rose info show on the Icon on the registered program. The Icon shows all of the indigo rose stuff. Is there a way to remove that and put our company info there?

    Martin Duffy

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    Re: Indigo Rose on Icon

    Yes there is but im not sure weather it is legal so if an admin could post something it would be good!!! Anyway there is a program called ******** ****** and that can be used to change the company name etc. then for the icon there is a prog called Microangelo which is an excellent icon program. To edit an exe icon in microangelo you need to launch Librarian.


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      Re: Indigo Rose on Icon

      Hi - read this reply from Brett. He explains what you need to know.
      = Derek
      ["All glory comes from daring to begin" - fortune cookie]


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        Re: Indigo Rose on Icon

        I wonder if Indigo Rose could set up some sort of alternate licensing structure to have their information removed? This way interested developers could pay a premium to anonymize the final product.

        Unfortunately, I have lost several large clients who bought the software and did future CDs themselves.

        While good for Indigo Rose's business, not good for mine. :-) (Of couse, I guess that means that the icon is doing it's job.)



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          Re: Indigo Rose on Icon

          Eric, while that is not currently available I would encourage you to contact our sales people and explain your issue. Request a custom solution. See what they say, maybe nothing can be done but in your case who knows... We certainly don't like to hear that you are losing business because of that, that's for sure. That defintely is not part of our strategy to propagate our software.

          Maybe it's just a matter of making the correct parties aware of the issue and negotiating a custom license, maybe not. Defintely can't hurt to ask.

          Corey Milner
          Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software