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Using variables with fonts

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  • Using variables with fonts

    I have three pages, each with either an edit field, or a text box. One is for designing an entry, another is to preview, and the third is to read it at a ltaer date. Is it at all possible to have the user select the font they want in these edit fields etc. from the list of fonts available on their system? Or at least from a few I could include with the program?

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    Re: Using variables with fonts

    There is no way to change the font that those fields use at runtime. I can think of several work-arounds:

    1. Make several fields that each use different fonts and "stack" them on top of one another. Then just use the Hide and Show actions to display them appropriately.

    2. This one is a bit more involved, but you could use a Web Browser object and dynamically write out sample HTML pages (to %TempDir%, for instance) that use the appropriate font. Then read the created page into the Web Browser object.

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