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troubles with autoplay menu 3.0

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  • troubles with autoplay menu 3.0

    I have made a yes/no dialog box in one page, to open a word document. I seems that I didn't set the object properties so well because it opens the document even if I click NO.
    How do I set it?? Can anyone help me???

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    Re: troubles with autoplay menu 3.0

    I haven't tried Autoplay Menu 3, but assuming it works the same way.....
    Well, if that is all you want to happen,, you would it to look something like this:

    %Result% = Dialog.MessageBox ("Open the file?", YES|NO, Question)
    If (%Result% = YES)
    File.Execute("%SrcDir%\path\filename", "", Continue)

    If you wanted it to do something else if the result wasnt yes, you could use the else after the file execute action, and include there what you want to happen, or use a separate "if result = NO" action.
    Hope this works for you [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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      Re: troubles with autoplay menu 3.0

      First, make sure the Open Document action is below the Yes/No Dialog action in the list (so the Open Document will happen after the Yes/No Dialog).

      You need to set up a condition for the Open Document action.

      Click on the "Click to Edit" button next to the word Boolean. Click the Add button on the Boolean Condition dialog. Put %MyVar% (or whatever you named the variable in your Dialog Yes/No action) as Value A, set the Operator to "Equals", and then put the word YES as Value B.

      Click OK, click Close, click OK, and try it out.
      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]