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  • trouble getting started

    I am an extreme newbie and am having some trouble getting started.
    I am attempting to make a video brochure and can get my media object into the distribution folder and then get my project built, the problem is that when I burn this to a CD in a VCD format the CD will not play. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Re: trouble getting started

    Are you trying to create a DVD menu for your VCD using AutoPlay? That's not possible. AutoPlay menus are programs, and programs only run on computers. They don't run on standalone DVD players.

    Do you want to build a disc that will play like a regular VCD in a standalone DVD player, but when you put it into a computer's CD-ROM drive, the AutoPlay menu appears instead? That might be possible, but I haven't tried it, and it might not be that easy to do.*

    Do you just want an AutoPlay menu to appear when your CD is placed in a computer's CD-ROM drive, to make it easy for the user to view your video on the computer? And you don't want the CD to work in a standalone DVD player at all, just on a PC? If so, that's what AutoPlay Media Studio was built for! Just use a Media Player Object to display your MPG file, or use a File - Open action to load the MPG file into the user's default MPG viewer (most likely Windows Media Player).

    * You'd need to get all of the files and folders that AutoPlay creates onto the root of the CD. It depends on the tool you're using to author the VCD...if you're using something like VCDEasy, which creates a CD image file ready to burn (i.e. a .bin and .cue), then you'll need some way to make it include your AutoPlay files in the image that it builds...or you'll need to mount the image on a virtual device using a tool like Alcohol 120% or DaemonTools, so you can copy the contents of the image onto your hard drive and add the AutoPlay stuff to the root and re-author and reburn it, and hope that it will still work. It's very likely that the VCD format just isn't flexible enough to allow this, though.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]