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    Hi folks,
    I saw an earlier post which indicated that it was possible to run an AMS project (the compiled EXE, that is) over a company network with multiple users accessing it at the same time.
    My question is that I have a project with a test at the end of it that stores the user's results in a file (text but stored as .htm) before offering the chance to print (via a browser screen with print button).
    A.Is it possible to load such a prog with multiple users?
    & B. how to do I specify the results file - or will %programfiles% - over a network reference the users local machine?

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    Re: AMS on Network

    I've run AMS .exe 's over a netwrok with multiple users without a problem. As far as tracking data for individual users I guess there are a couple of different approaches...

    One is to have the executable run from the network but the user data stored locally. You could definately use system variables like %SysDir%, etc and it will point to the appropriate location on the machine running the application. Only problem with this is if you had multiple users on the same machine.

    The other approach is to have the .exe and the user data up on the network. You could setup a login routine and depending on the login it would use the appropriate data. For example if iIlogged in as kpsmith it would store my data in a kpsmith.txt file or something.


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      Re: AMS on Network

      The test results are only stored whilst the prog is running, so another user isn't a problem with this app. I'll wander over & try it.