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    Is it possible to open a new window using the 4.0.3 version? I seem to recall it could be done an older version.

    Basically, I want to click on a link and have Explorer open up with the page in it.

    Any help would be really appreciated.


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    Re: New window

    If you use a File -> Open action on an HTML file it will open it in the users default web browser. You can also call the IE explorer executable and pass it the html as a command line argument although this is pretty much the same as using file -> open.


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      Re: New window

      Adam's right. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img] There is one slight potential difference, though.

      Using File.Open to "open" an HTML file will open that file in whatever the user's default browser is. That's most likely Internet Explorer, but it could also be Mozilla, or Pheonix (which is an excellent browser btw), or Opera, or despite all hope of goodness in the world, even Netscape.

      Using File.Execute to "run" Internet Explorer and open an HTML file will, obviously, open that file in Internet Explorer. This can be useful if for some reason you need the file to be opened in Internet Explorer, and not the browser that the user is accustomed to.

      In general, it's better (and easier) to just use File.Open for this sort of thing.
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        Re: New window

        What a brilliant resource! The software is just getting better and better and this forum makes buying it worthwhile. Nice one.
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