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  • Text box in web object

    Does anyone know how to remove(completely) the border from around a text box in html? I am writing a .htm file within AMS, and it uses a background image. This image is just decoration, with a white box in the center for text to be printed. I have to put this text into a text box, and I dont want the black stripe around it, as it basically just says "Hey, I'm a textbox!". If anyone can help, thanks.

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    Re: Text box in web object

    Does it have to be a text box? I guess I'm confused at what you want the end result to be.


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      Re: Text box in web object

      The end result....
      I am creating a journal program. It has a page in it where you can look up past entries, and look at them. On this page, it has a print button. When you click it, it goes to a print preview page. On this page, it writes an html file, depending on the font and style the user wants. I have to use a variable to insert the text I want to be printed into this html file. Without a text box, I can set the left and top margins, and have it start the text where I want it to. However, it will not wrap the words that are placed on to the page, and if an entry was long enough, it would go right to the bottom of the page, which is no good because I am using a background for decoration that has a white rectangle, which is where the entry is supposed to be. Same for going to far to the right. It would go outside of the white rectangel, beause there is no way to set the right hand margin. Really, if there was simply a way to set all(top, bottom, left, right) margins to what you wanted, I wouldnt be having any problem, although I would still need to wrap the text.
      Hope that explains it a little better.


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        Re: Text box in web object

        I'm not an HTML guru, but could you write the text to a cell in a table that was set to a particular width? The cell would take care of the word wrap for you. It wouldn't take care of you length problem though.


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          Re: Text box in web object

          Use a bit of inline CSS to control the margins.

          Put something like this immediately before the text:

          <div style="margin-left: 100px; margin-right: 100px; width: 100px; height: 100px;">

          ...and put this immediately after it:


          Adjust the numbers to the number of pixels you want for the left margin, right margin, width and height.

          There are other properties you can set using CSS as well. See CSS Properties and Cascading Style Sheets for more info.
          --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]